Why learning to swim early is important

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Why is it important to enrol your child in a swim school at a young age? Why not leave it to later in life to get their head wet?

There are so many benefits for children who learn to swim at a young age. Not only are there the obvious physical benefits but there are also a whole list of mental and social benefits from learning to swim.

At the top of the list is the sometimes forgotten fact that the skill of swimming can indeed save their life.

More than half of the children under the age of five who pass away from drowning do so in a backyard swimming pool; a very real and scary statistic given the common nature of backyard pools in Australia.

Not only can these vital life skills save a child but many years after they could potentially find themselves in a life-saving situation where they are needed to be drawn upon.

Another bonus to learning to swim is the fact that there is minimal impact on a child’s developing joints. They will build strong muscles and improved lung capacity by splashing about in the learn-to-swim pool.

This article from Swim Kids is a very good read and has six reasons why learning to swim at an early age is important.

Contact the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre today and get your young one learning these vital skills.





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